Can Referrals Alone Grow Your Business? Not Without These Two Critical Factors.
If you are struggling to generate more leads for your business, you are not alone. According to State of InBound Report 63% of companies rank this as their top marketing challenge.

Referrals are a pre-qualified lead

They have already expressed interest in your product or service through one of your current customers. They are likely ready to purchase and are set for the next stage of your sales process. 87% of buyers go out and look for advice before choosing a product or service [Buyer Sphere]

There is no cold-calling involved

When contacting someone who has been referred, you are only talking to people who are actually looking for your product or service. In fact referrals are 36x more valuable than a cold call. [Ken Krogue,]

Referrals are rarely competitive

Meaning you aren't bidding against someone else. They already know you are fair and do a good job. They have heard it from a reliable source. Your trust is earned by the trust they have in your referral partner.


How Can You Grow Your Business With Referrals?

We currently work with a business that relies solely on referrals. That's right N0 cold calling. No advertising. How do they do it? They focus on building relationships with their current customers while they are working with them. And they offer them two non-negotiable items:
  • Quality Products
  • Quality Service
Without these two critical factors a customer will not refer. It is your job to earn the referral. They are putting their reputation on the line for you. And once you make them look good to their friends and colleagues they will refer you over and over again.

The bottom line is you need to always leave a good customer with a good experience. You need to set yourself apart and do something different. That's how you get remembered. And if you want to get a referral you have to be remembered. I know a painter who puts a sticker with his business information on the top of the paint cans that he leaves behind. When the client needs the paint to do a touch up they pull out the paint can and his information is right there as a friendly reminder. Who do you think they call when they need more painting done?

How can Defining Geeks help you Be remembered and Get Referred?

  1. We start by matching your quality standards with each custom gift bundle. We use quality products to brand your business not cheap promotional giveaways.
  2. We subtly add your logo to various products in your gift bundle. Remember - you are not promoting your business here - you are thanking your customer for their business.
  3. We personalize each bundle for your client. This could be their name beautifully etched on glassware or a personalized container. We all want to feel appreciated. And when you take the take to personalize something you send the message that they are worth your time. It's the difference between a one-size fits baseball hat with your logo on it versus a custom fit cap that has their name on it.
  4. We offer longevity. Flowers are beautiful, but they die. Food get's eaten. When you give someone a personalized gift, you leave them with something to remember you by.
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