Resource Guide for Creating This Year's Summer Bucket List

[Summer Bucket List, n. a list of things a person or family wants to accomplish or experience before the summer ends.]

synonyms: fun things to do, epic quests, adventures


Defining Geeks top 9 resources to help you get started on your 2016 summer bucket list:

  1. [Letterboxing, n. a type of treasure hunt that adds a hand carved rubber stamp journaling component.  Boxes, known as a letterbox, are hidden in parks, forests and cities around the world. Clues are provided as to its whereabouts. Once found, you leave an imprint of your personal hand carved stamp in their log book and put an imprint of theirs in yours]


  2. [A Daily Creativity Journal 365: Make Something Every Day and Change Your Life, written by Noah Scalin. A wonderful book containing fun simple projects that are meant to spark your creativity.]


    Click here to preview the book

  3. [Pinterest, n. on an online service that allows you to create your own Summer Bucket List board where you can pins ideas you want to remember or share.]


    Check out our Pinterest board here:

  4. [Minute-To-Win-It, n. games in which players have one minute to accomplish a task using common household items. Players can compete for the best time.]


    Check out these blueprints videos for ideas:
    Click here to watch the blueprints videos

  5. [Urban Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor, n. a series of small doors that began popping up around Ann Arbor in 2005.]


    Click here to watch an informational video

    Click here for a map of the location of all the fairy doors

  6. [Summer Events, n. fun things to do in your area that only happen in the summer time. Google "Summer Events in ‘Michigan' - or wherever you live to find a list of local events]


    For the State of Michigan check out the Pure Michigan site here:

  7. [Read, v. the process of enjoying the escape when you lose yourself in a story.]


    Looking for some good summer reads that YOU will enjoy? Check out goodreads here:

  8. [Museum, n. a fun place to spend a rainy day]


    Click on the state you live in or are visiting to see a wonderful list of great museums here:

  9. [Paleo Joe, n. paleontologist, author, museum exhibit developer and all around awesome resource for all things dinosaur.]


If you have additional resources, feel free to leave them in the comments. Sometimes the best resources are the ones that are referred by someone else's great experience.

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